Peggy Sage I-Lak Soak off gel polish

Peggy Sage I-Lak Soak off gel polish

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Long-wear semi-permanent nail lacquer. In just 30 minutes you can have colourful nails that last for 2 weeks

I-Lak smalto semipermanente

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I-LAK: no sculpting, no filing and no nail dust - it's "Gel-tastic"!

So easy to apply, like nail lacquer. Long-wearing. Wide choice of spectacular colours. So easy to remove in a flash. Compatible with UV and LED lamps.

Polymerization time: 30s LED = 2min UV

Instructions: ensure there is no nail lacquer residue on the client's nails and carefully wash her hands.
Using the Peggy Sage mini nail file, shape the natural nail, and then degrease the surface with a triple-action cleaner degreasing wipe.
1- Apply a thin coat of I-LAK UV base to the four fingers on one hand (leaving out the thumb) as you would a lacquer, without touching the cuticles or the area around the nail. Make sure you cover the end (free edge) of each nail with base. Next, place the fingers under the LED lamp provided for 10 seconds to catalyze the I-LAK base, then do as above on the other hand.
For best results, ensure you place the nails properly under the lamp.
Next, apply base to the thumbs and catalyze.
Tip: to apply a thin coat of I-LAK, it is a good idea to wipe any excess off the brush inside the bottle neck.
Do not degrease the slightly sticky coat remaining on the nail surface.
Tip: before application, gently shake the bottle of I-LAK colour or stir the semi-permanent lacquer with the brush.
2- Apply a first thin coat of I-LAK colour to the four fingers on one hand. Don't forget to paint the end of each nail properly. Polymerize for 30 seconds and then do as above on the other hand.
Next, apply the colour to the thumbs and catalyze.
Apply a second thin coat of I-LAK and polymerize again for 30 seconds.
3- Apply a thin coat of I-LAK UV top finish to each nail, being careful always to cover the end of each nail.
Polymerize for 60 seconds for an extreme shine.
Degrease the surface of the nails with a degreasing wipe.
Tip: keep your I-LAK bottles away from heat and light.
Tip: make sure your I-LAK bottles and brushes are not near the lamp when it is switched on, to prevent the contents from hardening

Flacone 11 ml
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